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Two Google Ads Updates You Should Know About

Whether you’re a seasoned Google Ads veteran or completely clueless to how it all works, it can be difficult to keep up with all of the updates Google Ads makes over time. While some updates won’t help you reach your goals, there are a few recent ones that we believe every pay per click advertiser should be using. If your goal is to reach more prospective buyers so you can sell more homes, these two Google Ads enhancements will surely help you get there.

Responsive Display Ads

Google introduced a new display ad format that allows you seemingly endless opportunities to reach your target audience. These new responsive display ads allow you to upload up to 15 marketing images and 5 logos, providing multiple ways to show off your homes. You also have the ability to write up to 5 headlines, 1 long description, and up to 5 shorts descriptions. Google will rotate different combinations of images & copy, while using machine learning to determine which combination is driving the best results for your business.

This is one of the most impactful enhancements from Google Ads that we’ve seen in a long time. These new ads allow you to save time, broaden your reach, and determine which marketing assets and copy resonate the most with your target audience. From there, you can build future display ads around that central theme.

Smart Campaigns

The process of creating a Google Ad from scratch can be a very long, meticulous one. With keyword research, structuring campaigns, creating ad groups, and writing ad copy, the time it takes from start to beginning really adds up. With the new Smart Campaigns enhancement, Google uses machine learning to help cut that time down significantly.

With Smart Campaigns, Google scans your website/landing page for assets, search themes, and user behavior, to create a campaign that automatically creates the initial targeting for you. Combined with an effective bid strategy, like cost per acquisition (CPA) bidding, you can create a campaign that targets the individuals most likely to be interested in your homes, at a target cost per lead that you set.

Admittedly, using this type of campaign can be hit or miss. The results are dependent on how much conversion history your account has and how optimized your website is for a specific theme. However, if you have a mature account that has accumulated a lot of activity over time, we’ve seen this type of campaign generate a great return for many accounts.

While these enhancements give marketers more tools to reach their goals, they are by no means a golden ticket to success. Being successful using Google Ads still requires clearly defined goals, expert optimization, and continuous care. However, each improvement made to Google Ads makes everyone’s job just a tab bit easier.

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