Team Ampersand. That’s our clients’ affectionate nickname for Lyons & Sucher.
See it right up there in the corner? It brands the talented team pf people
who work together, for you. Designers. Writers. Videographers. Digital Marketers.
Project Managers. On Site Experience Mavens. Big talents without big egos.
Creative problem solvers who love challenges. Our team’s passion
could be solving your problems. Sparking your success.

Jane Lyons, Partner

Jane loves the launch—whether she’s rocketing down the runway in an L-39 Albatros jet, founding the Washington region’s first woman-owned ad agency, or designing a 4,000 sq. ft. sales center to market a 1923 grain silo turned condo. Jane’s talent for creating environments that tell a story goes back to her college days when she helped design sets for the theater department. Now she’s the consummate director, guiding graphic designers, metal workers, and lighting specialists to create spaces that make prospects fall in love with the idea of a place before it’s real. In addition to leading Lyons & Sucher, Jane serves on the Board of Women Giving Back, where she has volunteered for the last 7 years. She proudly designed the Jewelry Department for WGB and is well known for making a mean margarita at the annual fundraiser.

Mark Sucher, Partner

Trust people to be themselves. That drives Mark to always be asking, listening and learning. Learning about each client’s True North. What’s going on in the local marketplace? Who’s doing what? What are the trends affecting our clients? What story is told by a piece of ground, or a building in its own neighborhood. All this, so Mark can help builders and developers launch successful communities and projects. Dedicated to the building industry, he is a Life Director of both NVBIA and MBIA. He’s also a Cars & Coffee guy, avid cyclist, voracious reader, and the reason we have the coolest coffee maker in town.

Greg Nitsche, Principal/Creative Director

Okay, sometimes it’s work. Going from a blank sheet of paper to an idea that captures a client’s essence and gets their entire company excited is hard, frustrating, pull-out-your-precious-remaining hair work. But Greg has always loved the creative process. It drove him early in his career to become a toy designer and license three of his ideas, including one that was green lighted by George Lucas for Hasbro’s Star Wars line. And it has driven him throughout his career at Lyons & Sucher, where he collaborates daily with an incredible team of designers and storytellers to create brands and bring ideas to life. It’s definitely work, and Greg loves it.

Sara Buehl, Senior Copywriter & Director of Content

She wouldn’t call it her best fashion advice, but professionally, this Project Manager’s secret is all about wearing hats. And lots of them. With an affinity for both left and right brained marketing tasks, Sara’s professional resume has a bit of a dual personality. The analytical side has helped her from developing entire digital marketing strategies to creating tight annual marketing budget spreadsheets. While her creative side keeps her copywriting and even helping to direct and develop client’s brands. She’s a Google Partner with certifications in Search, Display and Analytics and can develop a social media strategy that reaches, engages and converts just the right prospects for our clients. Although you’ll never actually see her wearing a hat in the office, if she did, we would imagine it would also have two very different sides. Thankfully in this case, fashion doesn’t mimic life.

Marilou Aballe, Comptroller

Accounting and Passion aren’t two words you typically see in the same sentence. That’s what makes Marilou special. At work, Marilou keeps our books balanced and our operations running smoothly. After hours, she grabs her Nikon D5 100 and follows her creative passion: photographing nature. Marilou’s art has amassed quite a following of admirers. She has 41,229 followers on Google Plus and her photographs of hummingbirds, flowers, and wildlife have been viewed a staggering 429,380,884 times. And that’s no typo.

Selva Martin, Art Director

Selva is the consummate creator. She began her career in Colombia, South America working on branding and packaging initiatives for major multinational corporations. Selva brings her colorful personality, wit, and knack for storytelling into everything she does, whether she’s creating a custom illustration by hand, designing a new identity package, or creating a whimsical three-dimensional display for a sales center. And when she’s not creating at work, she taking art classes at the Torpedo Factory, or inventing a line of plush dolls, or hosting elaborate dinner parties for family and friends. In other words, she’s always creating.

Christian Platon, Designer

Study Nike. If you want to learn how branding can influence consumers, study Nike. That’s what Christian did right alongside his ODU art school curriculum. In his deep dive into Nike’s design culture, Christian amassed a collection of over 120 pairs of sneakers. He credits his love of sneaker design with fueling his own desire to create work that taps into popular culture and touches people on an emotional level. So what’s Christian’s favorite pair of sneakers? The one pair he’ll never part with, The Kobe 6 “Grinches” released the same day his son Noah was born.

Alfredo Ramirez, Art Director

Boxing is called the sweet science, a mix of precision, expertise, and artistry. The same could be said about Alfredo’s approach to design. This multi-talented graphic and motion designer developed a love of boxing as a child watching matches with his father. After high school, he finally got his chance to step into the ring himself, but the opportunity didn’t come easily. He had to commute two hours just to get the gym. Alfredo credits his love of boxing with teaching him discipline, confidence, and a strong work ethic. Attributes that continue to serve him well as a designer and champion of our clients’ brands, and as a mentor to other young boxers.

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