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Take Advantage Of These New Google Maps Features

For builders and developers, Google Maps is one of the most important digital tools one can use to promote their community. Google Map listings allow your prospective buyers to know exactly where your homes are so they can come visit, discover the local amenities, and get vital operating information about your community (sales center hours, phone number, etc).

Google announced it is rolling out some new features for Google Maps that make it easier for your target audience to engage with your business in meaningful ways. Being prepared for these updates and developing a plan for how to best utilize them will give you a head start on your competition.

Google Maps “Follow” Button

Google is taking some ques from how people engage with social media and integrating it into their Google My Business and Google Maps tools. Google Posts allows businesses to share content in a very similar way that you can on Facebook and other social media platforms. In the coming weeks, Google will make it easier for your audience to receive those updates by adding a “Follow” button to your map listing. Once a user follows your business, all the content you share will be easily accessible in their “For You” tab. The “For You” section is in area in their Google Maps interface that will curate personalized content and recommendations.

All of your updates about events, special pricing, tours, etc. will all be delivered directly to your audience in ways like never before.

Pre-Opened Map Listing

The way Google My Business and Google Maps are currently set-up, a business must have a physical address and be open for users to see their listing on Google Maps. Google is about to change that. Businesses will soon be able to have a Google Maps listing up for 3 months prior to their actual opening. This gives businesses an opportunity to promote themselves long before they actually open.

These pre-opened listings will have the same functionality as traditional Google Maps listings. The key advantage of this is to build a following and anticipation for your community’s development. All of the time spent list building & prospecting can be now enhanced with an actual Google Maps listing.

How Much Does This Matter?

These updates will roll out in the next few weeks, so their impact remains to be seen. However, if you are already using Google Maps, you know the value it brings by connecting your audience with your physical community. These updates will only enhance that value.