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Spring Cleaning Applies To Online Campaigns Too

Spring has sprung, which means a lot for builders and developers. Better weather means new construction is accelerated, landscaping becomes a priority, and most importantly, your prospects are planning their visits to your community.

While all of those changes are happening onsite, let’s not forget the changes that should be made online. Your campaigns also need some tweaks to capture the increased demand and attention.

Here are three ways you can tweak your ad campaigns to be ready this spring.

Considering Changing Your Campaign Focus From Online Leads to Offline Visits

This is especially important if you are opening a brand-new sales center. Spring weather means your prospects are poised to break out of their winter hibernation and visit the communities they are most interested in.

As marketers, we love online conversions because they are more easily measured and attributed to individual ads and keywords. However, it is important to capture the interest of potential buyers who are ready to see what your development as to offer. This means that shifting your digital ad campaign focus away from online lead generation and towards offline engagement will be more impactful now that the weather has improved.

How do you do this? There are a couple of small tweaks you can make to ad campaigns:

• Change ad copy to encourage visits and tours instead of sign-ups
• Incorporate more on-site photography and information like an address and directions
• Work with the sales team to measure the on-site impact of your online campaigns
• Use geofencing ads that promote the proximity the community is to local amenities your prospective buyers use everyday

Use Images and Copy That Reflect The Times

Seasonal changes can be an emotionally impactful time for people. Think about when you wake up on a cold, dark winter morning. You hardly want to get out of bed! Then the first hint of truly warm weather comes, and you feel noticeably better than you did just a few weeks ago.

This effect on our moods should also translate to your ads. The ads should feature more sunshine, brighter colors, and promote all of the outdoor activities your audience loves to do. Take some new onsite photography to capture the blossoming flowers and the life coming back to the trees. Show people enjoying their time outdoors, and your prospects will connect it to the emotional high they’re experiencing with spring’s arrival.

Perform Some Spring Cleaning On Your Ads

While most marketers will tweak their ads, bids, and targeting throughout the month, it is a good idea to make some bigger adjustments every couple of months. This spring-cleaning approach to your ad accounts can go a long way to helping foster new ideas, set new performance standards, and set new goals for the upcoming season.

Some of the things you can do include:

• Work with your sales team to find out what feedback people are giving them at the community. Their interests & talking points can be used in ad copy to attract more prospects like themselves
• Review important demographic information about your prospects and adjust your targeting accordingly
• Test some new features your ad platforms have released
• Review market trends and adjust your campaigns wherever you see fit
• Shift budgets around if you notice one channel performing better than others

Spring is one of the most valuable times of year for builders and developers. Are your ad campaigns ready for the challenge? Reach out to us today, and let us help you through some of the questions you may have.